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Architecture + Interior Design Photography

What it is + who it’s for:

Interior Design Photography is perfect for interior designers looking to capture the essence of the unique project they've spent months, and sometimes years, working on. High-quality photographs of a designer's work can be an essential marketing tool, and they can help to establish the designer's brand and reputation, while also attracting potential clients. By consistently presenting high-quality photographs of their work, a designer can create a recognizable brand that clients will associate with quality and excellence.

Image types include:

- Interior photography
- Portfolio images
- Social media content 
… and more!

You deserve the MGP experience.

As a Myrtle Beach, SC native, I have a carefully curated list of photoshoot locations for you to choose with locations up and down the SC coast. From the beautiful beaches of Pawleys Island, Litchfield Beach, and Cherry Grove, to the Castle at Atalaya, and all the other little hidden gems around town. Choose between a sunrise or a sunset session for the softest and dreamiest golden light.

This is perfect for couples, family, lifestyle, interior design, and branding photography. Let me seamlessly guide you in and out of poses for the most natural and flattering images with my Lifestyle Photography experience.
  I’m available to help with any questions, from wardrobe selection to making you feel comfortable on shoot day.

_ Machel

“Machel Is Such An Amazingly Talented Women! She Truly Has A Passion For Photography And You Can See That Through Her Pictures.”

-Stefania Eisenhauer

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